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Call It Even

But I'd no idea

What you were hiding

So now I'm holding the bag

And it's heavy

And the conversation stopped

So much for friendly

And if I told you I was not very good

At making small talk when I should

But you have one advantage over me

At times like this I'm lost at sea


Why can't I see it for what it really is

And know it like I know my name

And if it's all the same I don't like this game

So let's pack it up

And call it even

Well I'm not the type to speak

Just to hear my voice

And I'm sure you'd hear me out

If you had the choice

But your words keep coming out


And I wonder if I'd have to shoutp> And if I told you I was dying of thirst

And the sky was falling just to make it worse

Would you just smile and continue on

As if your mouth had a race to run


Well I'm glad we had this talk

I feel better

And if I've something else to say

I'll write a letter

And if I told you you were not very good

At hearing others when you really should

Would you just smile and push me away

You can't be bothered there's still words to say


Vertical Horizon Call It Even

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