R Kelly - Come To Daddy Lyrics

Come To Daddy

Oooooooooooh (I know what you're going through)

Come to me ( I can see it in tour eyes)

Oh baby (c'mon)

Come to daddy (you know I ain't got no problem with this)

Oooooh (just say the word, I come and get you)

Come to me, yeah

(whatever you want me to do, I'll do it for you)

Well it's obvious to me that he don't love you

Baby can't you see I'm that player for you

Baby talk to me help me understand

How can you go on putin up with this man

Going out your way to make him happy

dont'appreciate all that you give

Time to take a stand no more second chance

If you feel this way than baby take my hand

Chorus Come to daddy let me

Please your body tonight

(since he) Since won't do it right

Come to daddy let me (let me)

Please your body tonight

(since he) Since he won't do it right

It seams like everything you do for him just stop right

Same got damn excuse

Got a head ake tonight

How can you ignore

The slammin'of a door

Open up your eyes it's not the same no more

Girl you need a life with someone who is gonna love you

Treat you like god let you free and

guide you

Time to say ok

About to make a change

Don't mean no player hate

But baby come my way


All I wanna do is get next to you

Baby I can understand what you're going through

It don't have to be this way if you don't want it to

Baby call him up and tell him that “I'm leaving you'

Chorus 2x

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