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Invitation To Understanding

I'll be grateful, you don't even have to stay

It must be hard for you to get over to my

side of town

I know there's many people like me to be found

If you come knockin' at my door

And I am not around

Foolishness came by and we're downtown

Please don't leave

Please come on in and make yourself at home

I know you're probably used to being alone

Everyone keeps telling me you're something that

you're not

But I know if I met you I'd like you a lot

What exactly does it take to bring you to my door

By the time that you arrive I won't live here no more

What can I do? There's no one here but me

And nothin' on tv

Where could you be? I really wouldn't know

Where else you might go

MXPX Invitation To Understanding

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