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Wham Bam

Lord I gotta do some patchin'

Got the seven year itch, girl,

We gotta do some scratchin'

Lay down momma

Got a holy resurrection

You got the oo-ee baby

That's sweeter than confection

You don't need no invitation

Grab the devil by the tail

If you got the fascination

Touch it, touch it, touch it

Make it red hot!


Wham bam - it was better than the first time

Love jam - had my fingers in the pie

Wham bam - we were swingin' from the grape vine

Wham bam - and I kissed her butterfly

You got me climbin' up the walls

Gotta scrape me off the ceiling

Slow down baby

we don't want to blow the feeling

We got the fiy-aa

like a burnin' volcano

I hope this feelin' never slips away

That is what I pray for

Yea, the train kept a rollin'

Screamin' all night long - Do it! do it!

We're gettin' down and dirty - do it! do it!

Aerosmith Wham Bam

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