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0 To 100 (Freestyle)

Fuck bein' on some chill shit
They ask me why I stay with Rim? Cause she a real bitch
We on that Smith and West and takin' still shit
That 'oh, many projects', half a mill shit
Oh, Lord, watch yo mouth, put in work, nigga
That just make me put you in the dirt quicker
Sell raps like they sell cracks, I'm a verse dealer
Niggas talkin' bout where the crown, I fill they throats, nigga
Oh, Lord, said you do this for the check
Shout to the real ones who do this for respect
Knuckle gang sharp, we can get it if we wanna fight
Been a mess since my cousing Strong see his death, son
Niggas couldn't eva eva fuck wit P
He be reppin' on 'em, if ye see Dolly, got the weapon on 'em
They gotta pass, I need the Straight stuntin' cover, call Slayer
I got my muthafuckin' waiter
I been Tony Packo with the shot
Larry Davis to the cops, Bay Mayo with the guap
50/50 in the whip, boy
What the fuck ye niggas did, boy?
All seven spent sixty on the wrist, boy
Sixty on the wrist, sixty thousand dolla watch
Is when you wasn't wearin' shit, boy
Fuck all that pap, you gotta chill shit
I'm gettin' back on all that Brownsville shit
The up da hill, down da hill shit
Cause that's the same shit I got a record deal with
Jumped on a label thought it'd make me richer
But they ain't know about real hip-hop tried to make me switch up
Meanwhile I was in the hood still putting work in with the chrome
Either that or in the kitchen tryna break a brick up
Now it's 2005 and I'm the greatest spitta
Thought that they would show me love but they some hatin' niggas
I had shoot-outs at my concerts, A-Show
That's why ya neva neva see me stallin' when I'm takin' pictures
Blazin' triggers, peace, Lord
S-s-say peace when you roll on 'em
Oh, you gon' see the peace got a chrone Taurus
I just switch ya chain and yo watch, nigga
Don't make me shoot you in yo ^&*() hard
Politicians be like rope ?
Pray ?, go ?
Get they office and they got nuttin' to show, ?
Damn, nigga, thought you say you had hope, ?
Please Lord, who else droppin' like this?
Verse style, book knowledge, street knowledge
Like this, I was deadly, fuck that I been deadly
Since my enemies said was comin' to the hood to get me
They ain't show up, valuable lesson got 'em tow up

120 to 360, do the knowledge, pay attention
You go 0 to 100 you gon' blow yo fuckin' engine
120 to 360 on some real shit
Real shit, Benz style, Browns deal shit
120 to 360, I got real wits
Real wits, that's the God who I build with

Date Added: 2014-06-20
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