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Are You Ready

You know it`s gonna be a party, the biggest of them allWe`re here to rock for you and make the message knownAnd if you`ve got the guts, we`ll show you the way homeAre you ready ? You've been summoned to this momentA heavenly decree, it`s not by chance or fate thatYou are here to see, you`re looking for an answerTo your life`s regrets, the answer`s clear to seeAre you ready to be set free ?He died for you and me, take his hand and you will seeThat your past and all your cares will fade awayYou thought there`d be no happy endings but now you know the truthThere`s nothing left but pride to stop youThe love of god's come through, tonight`s the night for your salvationYou know what you must do, just give your life to christAnd see his power to renew - Are you ready ?
Sacred Warrior Are You Ready

Date Added: 2007-12-31
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