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Asma Asmaton

[Well, I shouldn't dare translate the only work of the

bible that I like as a work of art, but just to give

you an idea of what parts of the book are included,

plus it is a "poetic" modern Greek translation so it

might not be exact]

-"How beautiful you are, my beloved, how beautiful you


"Your look is sweet and tender like a pigeon's."

"None of the beautiful women can compete with you:"

"You are like a lilly, and they are like thorns."

"Your red lips are like a red thread."

"Your pink cheeks behind your veil look like a

pomegranate that was cut in two."

"Your two breasts look like twin gazelles that went out

to graze among the lilly flowers."


"Kiss me, kiss me with all the kisses you have in your

mouth make me drunk with the sweetest wine of your

embrace and your name is perfume, myrrh spilled on the


"You are the fragrance of all the perfumes together

Yes, when you touch me I get more drunk than when I

drink My man, you only deserve to be loved."

Beautiful, flawless you are my beloved

(Double sigh)

"You have stolen my heart, my beloved, my sister with a

single glance from you, with a single pearl on your


"Your two sweet lips drip honey; honey and milk slowly

flow under your tongue."

"You are a closed garden, fool of flowers, my beloved."

"A spring with flowing water, "

"A paradise of coolness, a paradise of fragrances your

every [unintelligible] Cinammon, sweet-reed, nard and

saffron, and sweet-smelling roots, and insence, and

myrrh, and aloe, and every perfume you can name, smells

on you."


"Rise, North Wind; Come, South Wind, blow on my

branches, to scatter my fragrances everywhere"

"Rise, North Wind; Come, South Wind, blow on my

branches, to scatter my perfumes everywhere (twice) And

let my man come down, to the garden that belongs to

him, to taste whatever fruit he wants from its

branches, to taste whatever fruit he wants from *MY*


[Faraway voice]

"Beautiful, sweet like a pigeon's, none of the

beautiful women"

.... [voice disappearing]

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