T-Pain - Be More Careful Lyrics

Be More Careful

Some people call it being soft
Some people call it b-tching out
I call it me being the bigger man than you think I am

I got the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes,
and unless I wanna let it all go,
I just gotta be,
I just gotta be more careful,
I just gotta be,
I just gotta be more careful,
I just gotta be,
I just gotta be more careful

[Verse 1]
Yeah, and you already know how I feel
Shit, I almost forgot how good the lies feel
coz when you think your on top the of the world,
you come to realize your standing in some high heels
So the Nuvo got me popping shit and even worse nobody around me is knocking it
Cuz they don’t say whats on they mind
until I say whats on mine and now they trying just to stop this shit
Cuz to them its just the ego,
but im a straight shooter so they call me for the free throws
Now most days rocking hard with the chicos
but I still got a nine and some green like dino
and in order for me to live right i gotta change
but after 5 years of being hated on I got deranged,
I live good but homie I ain’t got the range ,
I make a 6-4 go up and down like the stock exchange


[Verse 2]
Ok, they say my girl look regular,
but having a bad bitch dont make you better bruh,
and she dont diss me like your bitchass she’ll let me f-ck your girl and even help you spread that bitch ass
and you want me to f-ck the best girl
but the model hoes get sideways like a S curl
and I dont get no attitude I get respect,
cuz she was with me 3 years before I got my check
So I can keep my girl and live happy on a boat or
a freaky fine bitch that would have me going broke
But I never leave her cuz she a go getta and even if she go to hell ima go with her
And you bitches hating on her cuz she light skinned,
but look at the f-cking industry that im in,
Im the only artist with dark girls in my videos,
So bad attitudes and d-ck is what I give them all.


[Verse 3]
Aiite, so lets talk about that Jay sh-t,
some days I wish that I aint never say sh-t.
And diddy said aint no excuses for what I did
but I felt that he was knocking on the same sh-t that feeds my kids
I do music cuz I need it to make my world spin,
So when you down it is like your dissing my girlfriend
and jay one of the only n-gga I hear bringing it
so I didnt even think he’d even entertain this sh-t
cuz entertainment is see through
but if you really feel im dead n-gga me too
I aint trying to write you rhymes
but you coulda skipped one DJ
and all you had to say was T pain…we cool!
But by all means dont take this as a diss or hatin,
I just wanna explain my side of the situation,
so if you knew just how much respect that I had
you know that im a real n-gga when I say…. My bad!


[T-Pain talking]
Im just a real n-gga man, I dont sugar coat nothing, anything I say I stand by it so you can hear my reasons and you can think what you think but im gonna be a real nigga regardless. Know what im saying, Revolver, coming at you man, yeah, nappy boy.

Date Added: 2009-10-07
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