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Brightest Star

When you walked out the
door, baby,
Thought I would die
I didnÚFFFF92t realize
Oh, you were the brightest star
Up in the sky, yeah
Now that youÚFFFF92re gone, oh how I miss
you so
Please come back to me, I need
your love
Baby ever so more, yeah, yeah

Come back, girl
Bring your sweet love back to me
I canÚFFFF92t do without it, no...

If you want, IÚFFFF92ll show you what I have
You can take, take what you want
of me
Just donÚFFFF92t take the things that we
know are bad
Oh baby, oh baby, I need your
love, yeah

Girl...oh, yeah...oh...
Come back...wonÚFFFF92t you come back
Please, oh, please, please
please, please
Pretty pretty pretty pretty please
I need your love, oh, baby, yeah
Santana Brightest Star

Date Added: 2007-12-25
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