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Go Hard

[Soulja Boy:]
GO HARD! [x3]

I control mines call it presidental
I'm on a killing spree, murdering all these instrumentals
Lyrical Manslaughter verbally don't push me
Eight legs wide open call it Octopussy! (Call it octopussy! )
Call up the best, and tell him I'm next
Call me what you want but don't call me collect
When the smoke clears, I'm still standing
Throw my balls at yo girl she call me Peyton Manning (Call me Peyton Manning)
She caught me playing daddy with another bitch
Menage a trois now everybody gettin lick.
I can't go broke I got to much knowledge.
I'm not Kanye I didn't drop outta college (drop outta college)
Didn't drop out of koch. Interscope got it.
Didn't cop a may bach. G4 full throttle (DAMN! )
Who knew living life would become a living dream
Who thought I could make 6 mill at sixteen (6 mill at sixteen)
Six of me on six screens. Oh my god I'm a nuisance.
You have no evidence I need more proof bitch
Lift a lot weight call it Bally Fitness
Soulja boy a beast can I get a witness? (Can I get a witness?)
Is this beat on my hit list
Cause dis bitch is murdered
You pussy ass rap niggaz take of ya gurdle.
You niggaz move to slow ya'll some rapping ninja turtles.
My house too nerdy I call it Steve Urkle (I call it Steve Urkel)
I call my weed purple. Similar to the film
I'm so high is it the weed or the rims
Damn! Damn! Damn!
My flow Wifi connection stay connected like bell south.
If hip hop Is dead then let me raise hell now.
I got mad when the wizards took a L too
My Lyrics sick, tell my verse to get well soon (verse to get well soon)
I got cursed to get bread through making these hits
I got words to head too from yo bitch.
Y.A.H. Get the fuck out the face
This homicide number3 the beat dead another
Case (the beat dead another case)

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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