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This for all my niggas out there getting money
Fuck a hater, let's get it


[Verse 1:Soulja Boy]
Motherfucker don't play with me
Came out the water with a fucking pistol
I'm too official, niggas talking shit
But I'm taking off just back a missile
Niggas talking shit, next day he missing
Nigga dissin' he's a bitch nigga
You a fuck nigga got no loyal
Came out the ground just like oil
Niggas talking shit, but where I'm found
Nigga up in Bay Town
With a bad bitch that's gon' suck me up
And a chopper holds like eighty rounds
Pussy nigga don't want beef
Nigga knock out your fucking teeth
Tattoos in my V neck
DJ Khaled we the best
Money roll like marijuana
Bitch I'm up in California
Niggas talking that fuck shit
Until a nigga run up on 'em
Soulja tell 'em I'm the truth
Bitch you know I got the juice
Bitch I grind everyday
Mother fuck that shit I'm getting paid


[Verse 2:Agoff]
Working bait let's do it major
Every day get into the paper
They got that little Chopper
Who fuck niggas
Want to fuck the players

Get on my Grind!
You niggas is Grind!
Why? We're just Grind!
Get here with the Grind!
Every day I grind Nine,Splash,On my tiny,Splash!
Skinny Splash!Ass rich Splash!
Fuck us out the club
Winning with the money on that bitch
Winning Swimming
Outlaw, outlaw
Bitch I told that girl for fur
Money in my pockets
Twenty twelve on million leeks, I'm making hits
Put you on that base and shit
Know what I clang and I bang
With the ocean gang
Fuck nigga I'm a make you rich
My swag makes the haters sick
God, bitches I can take a pick
Coming hard like a hundred bricks
Look like I hit a hundred leeks
You can't fuck with that soldier shit
Know her more I control your bitch
Nigga you know what it is
Twenty twelve I'm going in
At golf I'm born to win


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