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Holocaust 3000

I got it let’s role
Yo eastwood, yo what up gotti
Niggas act like bitches wanna hear the truth
Before i say another word motherfucks you
Dog house need a big dogg pound gig
It’s gotti you ain't gonna pimp slap shit
I’m cool calm and i’m so collected
And you niggas don’t respect shit nigga
They call you super fly i call you super can’t
And yall niggas brain the gorrila’s or the apes
They call you super fly i call you super bitch
That love to eat or snoop or dupe or super duper dick
Panties in the can let all pink panties
I drink hennessy motherfucker
And i’m somebody you don’t wanna see motherfucker
I’m lookin in the streets and i see you niggas trillin
And i’m ridin without timing yo feelings motherfucker
I roll these streets with my mind on the gs
And i keep it glocked up, low key on my body for niggas that’s try’na kill me shit
I’m out the hood to too from the east side to compton to inglewood too
I’m eastwood, who? One of the realest living in existence lyricist legend
No competition boss a collision i flow with precision decision that ended
I stick with the bitches so pay attention homie it’s business can’t die without my tickets
I’m ballin, boss hoggin, snoop dogging, i’m stomping out ya breaks with trucks of out law
With a thug ministry, chemistry touched my my memory
Hennessy from here to italy got these nigga fellin
Son move over so i can feel the wind blow
Smokin dope it blowin out of my h2 limo
Ain't never had a demo i’m choppin up albums
Lock me in the booth i’m a beast turn up the volume
Smoke or blow it’s the cooper super trooper
Pop snoopin supa i’m so fly
I’m on the block and i’m ready to die
Niggas told me what happened but they neva really told me why
These streets is real i see my ogs cry
Bodies out lined with chopters where dophine die
Soldiers who came up on they own won’t make it alive
I got a lot a talent so i ain't hard to find
I’m on the grind my squad ain't far behind
We mackin dimes in the club packin nines
Sippin lines that cocaine blow ya mind
Fuckin with mine will bring ya mind bring yours nigga
East the beast, gotti supreme
Gail post in the back of the lac on lean
Keep the gz stashed in the dash when we mash
Life living in the casket secondary to the cash
Get ya best tested get checked infected
Roll with the rolls now my foes respect it
Gotti up and left it neva rejected
Ride till i die till the game respect it bitches
I ain't said shit done shit fuck it
Bustin, bustin, bustin, dumpin fuck it
Gangasta’s what the fuck you eva really did nothing
What the fuck you eva really done gangstas
What the fuck you lookin at punk
As soon as niggas stunt niggas hot to pump
It’s like police comin nigga hot to pump
Niggas ain't really gone dumb
Nigga i ain't said shit done shit done shit fuck it
Don’t think a real nigga won’t nigga boat rider
What up goster you know your boy m wood got your back
What’s crackin, fuck these niggas

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