Babyface - How Could You Call Her Baby Lyrics

How Could You Call Her Baby

How could you call her babyWritten by babyface (1995)Performed by shannaBaby, baby, don't try to play meYou know something's wrongTha's why I'm not talking to youBaby, baby, don't even fake itYou have broke my heartAnd there's nothin you can doI tried to call you, just the other dayAnd your own sister told meSomeone was taking my place, ohYou wouldn't come to the phoneShe forgot to put me on holdAnd I can't believe what I heardWhat I heard in your very own wordsHow could you call her babyHow could she be your babyThought you were mineThought I was yoursHow could you call her sweetheartHow come you're breaking my heartHow could you be so wrong[How Could You Call Her Baby lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Baby, baby, hear what I'm sayinI am not your foolYou should see me now as goneBaby, baby, you must think I am crazyI will not come backI feel I have been too wrongedDon't try to call me, cause I don't have the timeI'll be much, much too busyHangin out with friends of mine, ohIf we meet in the streetYou should not even bother to speakCause I still hear the words in my headThose are some words I will never forgetHookBoy you owe me an apologyJust don't look for forgiveness from meAnd I tried my best to understandBut I've done for you all that I canIf I ever see you in the streetJust forget that you ever knew meCause I still hear the words in my headThose are some words I will never forgetHook

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