Adam Sandler - Im Fuckin Wasted Lyrics

Im Fuckin Wasted

[Adam Sandler]I`m sitting in a chair watching the T.V!Its not even on but there`s plenty for me to see!I just lit some crazy ass shit that my friend over night mailed to me![Chorus - x1]I`m F**king Wasted..It`s the best shit I ever tasted..I think they f**king laced it!Cause im so dayumm yea baked Yea.Well, my freind came over, so i packed him a pipe. I told him u better go easy with this shiiett. But He didn`t believe the hype. He sparked a bowl just to show he could take it! Two minutes later hes playin Back-amound naked![Chorus - x1]Hes F**king Wasted..It`s the best shit he ever tasted..Hes lost in f**kin space yea! Cause hes so wicked wicked wasted!Woaaahhh, spent the last two hours hidden under my bed cause i looked in the garbage can and think i saw my Uncle Lewes head!ummm im f**kin wasted![Im F**kin Wasted lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Well, my friend blew a hit into my pet birds face. The bird laughed hysterically and started to moon walk all over the place.He triped over the tour bus isle and feel on his beak!He looked at the tour bus and started to speak![Chorus - x1 Adam Sandler as the pet bird]I`m f**king Wasted..It`s the best shit i ever tasted!My Brains really wasted!Waaahh....im f**king fried![Adam Sandler]Now where, sittin in the bath tub wanting sumthing to eat. I wanted pizza and the bird said a pepperoni would be saweeat!Delivery guy showed up 4 hours later, handed me his shoe! I said we ordered pizza buddy wht the hells up with you!?[Chorus - x1 - Adam Sandler as the pizza guy]I`m F**king Wasted..It`s the best shit I ever f**kin tasted! Ohhh f**kin shiiett!! [Adam Sandler - [Closing]IM WAAAAYYY TOOOO BAKKKKEEDDD!oohnaw.[THE END]

Date Added: 2007-10-15
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