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Love For The Streets

Soulja, a

Y'all really know man that real shit
Fifty thirteen shit
Twenty twelve shit, a

Type a shit that be going through my mind like
When I'm seeing dollars signs like
Gold bars are obstacles I climb
Illuminator haters find light
And they shitting on them niggers too
That's why I wake up feeling like the truth
And that nigga won't be stopped
Hard hustle, just to take the pot
Niggers scheme every day, just to make a plot
Read between the lines
And connect the dots
Yeah we living in tomorrow
Twenty twelve, Bentley clip, full of hollows
Them niggers getting it in on the battle field
Ten chain, five rounds, soldier lack of fear
Who knows man, this just might
Fifty stars, thirteen stripes
Making history on a daily basis
Some people love it
Some people hate it
I see it in their faces, you got the right grind
I'm not trying to get left on the sideline
So every think I wake up to thank god
Check the guide lines on the damn ground
A pin is on my timeline I'm putting it out
Real music's from the very start
And I do it fucking big cause they say I couldn't
And I do it even bigger cause they say I wouldn't
Rolling numbers with a pair of dice
SODMG that's paradise
I'm going out
Smoking as I flow
Me and y'all got this rap shit in the yo
Couple helicopters, cribs and a boat
Who the fuck's stopping us
And they pointing blocks for us
Standing outside all night did a lot for books
Can't take nothing away from me

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