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Love Me Baby

Yeah, yo..
Yeah, yo..

I don't talk about killin, jewelry or linen
I talk about women - what I do with 'em
Droppin 'em home to find a new victim
Actin "La Schmoove" like the Fu-Schnickens
Meetin 'em, bendin 'em up
Hit the butt without spendin a buck
Either crush on the hood or put a dent in the truck
She don't care if it's rented or what
And sometimes they trick on me
Like Playboy that drink on me
Gangsta chicks always stay with the steel
Dip out without payin the bill
It seems like the wilder they get, the better they are
Even let her push the getaway car
I'm shotgun buggin, roll a cigar
Baby stop, let's go to the bar

[Hook - female singer]
Love me babe, love me babe {*8X*}

Yo, blast that ass yo, that's your last warnin
Splash that ass more fast than Flash Gordon
When I say blast I don't mean with a pump
I wanna fuck 'til my dick get numb
I'm like Christopher Walken with a spliff and a tall can
Teenage girls gotta sleep with a floor pan
We 'bout the scrilla, need another winner
Treat her out to dinner, leave the rubber in her
In the jaw like Ambesol
You can even bring a friend, I can handle y'all
Whattup in the truck, in the Cadillac
At your boyfriend house with the hammers backs, yo
It ain't nuttin that she won't tell me
Take you out of town to a hotel suite
Lock the door, we can fuck right now
Let me turn that pretty ass upside down


Yo, y'all do y'all while I do me
With a chick, that look like the girl from the Hughleys
Sittin in the parkin lot, chillin at the movies
Pumpin the song that I did with the Fugees
Uncomitted, never marry chicks
I just take flicks like Larry Flynt
Holdin a beauty contest, who'll be my next centerfold
To crack legs let me eat it like a dinner roll
Take her out for a night on the town
Blazin up while we ridin around (word)
A meal and the weed on me
Stop at the track, drop 3 on 3
Chain around her ankle, fold in the Kangol
Can't go wrong with a face like a angel
Let me smack that
I'll make sure I tap back


[female ad libs over beat to fade]

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