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Love Them All

[Intro: Frisco]
I've got so much love for my UK girls
Can't get enough of my UK girls
You know I left the ends and came straight back
Cause I can't go without my UK girls

[Verse 1: Frisco]
Estelle, Jamelia
From you came out with your first song
You done know from then mannaman's been feelin' ya
I'm just keeping it real with ya
Lady Leshurr, Lioness
No Lay
I've got a soft spot for you all
Real talk I could watch Mz Bratt for the whole day
Nothing ain't wrong with role play
I thought no way
Tell No Lay, No Lay your bars are turning me on
I'll take you high up in the sky, no Soul Plane
I'm on tour like Soul Train

[Pre-Hook: Donae'o]
I like the way you're sexy and successful
Here to let you know that you're special
I don't mean to be disrespectful

[Hook: Donae'o]
If I had my way, I would have them all
Have them all
Have them all
If I had my way, I would have them all
Have them all
Have them all
If I had my way, I would have them all

[Verse 2: Frisco]
To the female DJs mixing
Out to the video vixens
You know girls from Britain got talent
Shout out Alesha Dixon
Terri Walker, Cherri V
Your red hair and lips just get to me
For Ms. Dynamite and Shystie
I would never be a no-show, Wiley
Nyah, RoxXxan, Baby Blue
Don't move, I will come all the way to you
And you're mad if you think I forgot about Kele Le Roc
Yeah, she gets my ratings too
Yeah, I've got the face for music
Enough of them are living in the fantasy world
Not me, I woke up and I faced the music
Hold tight Chams, Face 4 Music

[Pre-Hook and Hook: Donae'o]

[Verse 3: Frisco]
Gabrielle, I still think about you
I used to love off the eyepatch ting, if we meet then I'm straight-up moving to you
The ladies know I'm a renegade
Switch up the play, give me Jessie J
Sarah Jane, Jenny Francis, lady of soul, I'm making it known
Princess Nyah, hot like fire
[?] and the gyal better know
Big up the gyal that are making dough, go hard, don't know how to take it slow
I'm on a gyaldem ting, ain't you know this?
I'm from T like Dean and Otis
Shout out Roses, I love all of the female artists, know this

[Pre-Hook and Hook: Donae'o]

[Bridge: Frisco]
And you know I've got to big up all the female artists making moves
I love all of you
And if there's anyone's name I didn't mention, I love you too
No disrespect ting, straight up and down

[Hook: Donae'o]

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