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When I was a young boyI was raised in africaIn a little villageDeep in the heart of kenyaI remember one timeI was outside hunting gameWhen I heard the thunderOf a storm that frightened meSuddenlyAll around me darknessAnd I could feelSomething evil near meClosing inSo I started runningI tried to hideBut it overcame me[Oxun lyrics on]I became a prisoner ofThe spell that entered meAnd the same thing happenedTo my friends and familyIn the yeart that followedDrought and famine filled the landMany days of sorrowEndless nights of burning painSuddenlyA light appeared before meAnd I could seeThe virgin shining on meAnd in her armsWas the child inside meAnd I could feelEverlasting freedom all around me

Date Added: 2007-06-15
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