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Reppin 4 The Ocean

my mind’s gone, never coming back
so when it’s all said and done
i hope they see me like a legend
let my name …
crowded room full of conquer minds
on the rise to the top, my only challenge is follow time
big dreams, big goals, my future’s legit
driven by the fact i want it back and never will quit
that’s before the fain, and front us in the pain
but whatever, cause my way i guarantee i’ll be the same, ah
or maybe not, cause money change a lot
and bring my name at the very top
cause i can’t be stopped
bout to kill this summer, grab a seat, sit back and watch
transform your whole life like you making …
all a nigga see is green like my name is dot
plus a want change like my name barac
always keep my head up like my name was pac
cause my balls and my words the only thing i got
niggas wanna envy, and put a nigga down
but every time i feel dead i come back, like kidneys
i want the benjamins, the money, cars and clothes
a private jet that travel all around the fucking globe
screaming fans, groupie hoes at all my shows
better life for myself, this what the future holds
and it’s not a dream, she my ride or die
she number one in my f-cking team
every single …that we go, always cause a scene
and then at night, she scratch me up like she wolverine
wise man, understated facts,
mistakes made when i was young, could never take them back
no need to stress baby girl
you could just relax, cause i told you i was coming back.

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