Babyface - Seven Whole Days Lyrics

Seven Whole Days

Written by babyface, l.a. reid (1993)Performed by toni braxtonSeven whole daysAnd not a word from youSeven whole nightsI'm just about throughI can't take it, won't take itCan't take it no moreI had about enough of youI'd rather be on my ownYes on my ownDarlin'Darlin'You know if you cared anything about loveYou would have been front and centerLovin' me and touchin' meHoneyHoneyYou know if you knew anything about meYou would have been much more tenderOoh squeezin' me, caressin' meYou could have had about anything you wantedBut you messed it upYou had to be toughYou told your friendsYou had me wrapped around your fingerYou were talking kinda cockyLike you had it goin' onAll the while you knewThat things were kind of shakyYou knew that you were wrongDead wrong to beMistreating meHow can we go onHookSugar[Seven Whole Days lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]SugarYou know if you knew anything about sweetYou would have been talkin' to me everydaySeven days a weekBabyBabyYou should have been givin' meA little more timeBut you were just much too busyAbusin' me and usin' meI would have done about anything you wantedI was there for youI was crazy about youWhen I was sittin' thinkin'I was kind of specialYou were runnin' roundHittin' every other girl in townHow could you love meWhen you knew you played me funnyYou knew that you were wrongDead wrong to beMistreating meHow can we go onHookDeep in my heartYou were number one to startBut then you changedYou threw my heart awayTold your friends thatYou were runnin' thangsWhy'd it have to be that wayYou're wrongDead wrongTell me howHow can we go wrongHook

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