Babyface - Southern Girl Lyrics

Southern Girl

Written by daryl simmons, babyface, dave simmons, jr. (1994)Performed by a few good menI'm talking 'bout my girlMy girl, my girlHeyI will love herAll of my lifeI knew I'd findA girl that'd be so rightShe gives me something so goodFeels too good to let it go, yeahShe warms my soulNow iI can't explain itWhat it isThat makes this womanSuch a wonderful girlShe's changing my worldI love this feelingThat I'm gettingCause I never, ever felt this beforeI love her for sureMy southern girlLovin' my southern girlNothing matters when she's with meNothing like southern girlsGuaranteed to love you so sweetShe gives good loveOh tender sweet loveShe knows just what yeahMy girl knows what I wantIt's just the way that she smilesThe way she says helloJust letting me knowThere's aThere's a special kind of loving[Southern Girl lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]And a southern hospitalityAnd the way that she rubs on meAnd I love the feeling that I'm gettingAnd I never ever want it to leaveWill you marry me, southern girlHookNow there's a difference I seeIn the love she's giving to meGiving me a little bit moreThan any other womanThat I ever have known beforeYou gave your heart and soul to meAnd there's no other placeThat I'd rather beYou changed my lifeChanged my worldAin't nothing like my girlShe's gonna beLoving me so sweetOoh-we, ooh la, la, la, laShe's gonna beLoving me so sweet oohThat southern girlShe's gonna beLoving me so sweet ooh-weI'm talking 'bout my girlMy girl, my girlHookLovin' my, lovin' my, lovin' my girlLovin' my southern girlLovin' my, lovin' my, lovin' my girlOooh la, la, la, laLovin' my, lovin' my, lovin' my girlLovin' my southernGuaranteed to love you so sweetHook

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