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[Verse 1]
Paddy maintains we’re all yellow inside; gun smoke got him and no mistake
Say he wants his car on the road, he can’t even locate the brakes
He’d give his kingdom for a drink he would, he’d sell his mother like he sold his blood
Waiting for dole satisfies him, Paddy didn’t even learn how to swim

But you go crazy if you think about it, you don’t think about it
You suffocate..
Backs against the wall and let the building fall
It may not be the perfect life but its better than none at all

[Verse 2]
18 beats 21 you bet, it’s all just a gag John, no sweat
The old man says he still needs a hand and the neighbours only ever want cigarettes
Drinks in the evening, everybody’s emigrating
Or planning for it any way, oh it’s all the same old thing


[Verse 3]
Come out of your Celtic twilight kids; join the bums down here by the bank
We’re all having a rare aul time, put another drop of the juice in the tank
Rise there, Paddy, rise, forget your stupid pride
Oh the state of us, what the hell is happening?
It’s a hard life when grown men can’t afford the price of a packet of ten


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