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Sway in the morning freestyle

You got a beat

[Sadat X]

Alright, Sadat X

[Sadat X]
Oh yeah
This is dedicated to my... to my bunny crew today
Imma do this for my bunnies
Check it out

I don‘t care if the girl was right
She gave good top and that shit felt aight‘
You could look at me with spite
But I ain‘t about to get in no race fight
Pro blackly, just look at me and be tight
Pay my rent and make my day be bright
You feel some type of way - didn‘t take it as a slight
When I was locked in jail, you ain't sittin‘on kite
What happens in the dark, will surely come to light
Want a nigga catch a case, so now you wanna bite
I keep niggas of balance in a state of fright
My cousin’s a doctor, the other sell white
One work in the day, the other play at night
Violent in a way that you can say polite
If I missed anybody - it’s an oversight
Hold on ma’ you got an over –bite
But them jeans and that ass is oh – so tight

Ay yo, check it out, check it out
What happens in the dark
Will surely come to light
Yo, can I, can I do one more?

Yo yo yo, Sadat X
You’re Sadat X, of course you can
Let’s go

[Sadat X]
Let’s go then

Yeah, I’m not caught up on what’s hittin’
I’m still gettin’ my nigga, I’m still fittin’
As always, I started in the hallways
And I know that grind, but it’s a better kind
More legal, and basically, you’re still getting the same eagle
Under the radar, I never want my name poppin’ up
In them agencies - tagged. Bad from afar
I don’t wanna be a star by face
You can’t go no place
And that jam, yo when I make my lil’moves
I be in spots where they play rare grooves
The energy is different from when there’s blood in the air
And there’s no guns there
And usually that mean more brawls
And I don’t wanna be there with just niggas
There’s nothin’fly in that and I’m not buyin’that
I’ve seen wars, dudes shoot through the doors
Stash out the floors, flip once and get your brain on the mailbox
Subtoxin’, I understand niggas ain’t boxin’
That’s why I’m bout’my business on both fronts
I told yall niggas once – some niggas don’t even get a warning
Project dowls [?] wreck smiles, cause beef roll the leaf yo

Check this out, understand
I am the author of the punks joint
I know the hoes from hunt’s point
The livin’ legend on two feet
I’m the whisper in the hallways
I give it to you all ways
And more ways than one
And if I can’t get the job then I give it to my son
Say my name seven times, I hate to sell it for seven dimes
Off to nothing creed, we all bleed
It’s tragic, you had a bag of that blue magic
Our obsesser, our mind taker
The deal breaker, a slight nod
But I’m the shit, word to God
What you do behind closed doors is yours
No man is without flaws
You can ignore the laws
But when they come with that off the state federal supermax
You better have super facts or boss legal team
Martin Luther died with a dream
Malcolm followed, heroin swallowed
The 70’s, the 80’s bought crack, cooked the cocaine
Thank god niggas don’t really fuck with meth
They’d blow up the projects
Street chemistry gone astray
I’m sellin’joints and 50 cent cigarettes
Not racial, not rainbow
Niggas sneakin’, bringin’home, they know
STD’s, rappin’on CD’s
Homo thugs, recreational promo drugs
I’m the rare nigga, the “out your head” nigga
I’m on the corner yall
The Great Dot X, The Wild Cowboy #1

Imma say one more thing, check this out
Representin’my Bronx area, understand, check this out

We got the 2, the 4, the 5, the 6
Bronx, TNT, Crips and Bloods in the mix
My niggas stay at
Where the Yankees play at
When they hit that home run we hear that
But it’s too many police there
My dudes don’t go near that
We bein’ jimmies pullin’on brown braids
Didn’t mean to survoy pullin’ up on black shades
We got doctors, dope, kids that scream hope
And cats that will beat you with a bag full of soap
Some got no money, my dudes beat up the 20’s
Get the next set and remain a threat
We family men, no, nuttin’ come between us
Me and shorty was on concords, but ya’ll ain't’ seen us
Now we’ll work all day to make that thing go right
And if that thing move slow my dogs will hug the night
Catch the morning rays of tomorrow’s days
The first pace, my cats waitin’ in the worst ways
Dodgin’ the hurts dodgin’ 161st
Drinkin’ buds, makin’ packs and doing sin for X
But that’s how it is for my particular Blacks and Puerto Ricans
We workin’ hand in hand
You know my man Souls [?] hey that’s my man
Understand, the Bronx is a world war
My niggas wear the colours of the crayons
Back in the days it was just silks and ray-ons
That’s what it is The Great Dot X, I never stop
No, no DNA, I’m untraceable

Yeah, Yeah
That’s what it is, yo

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