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Take Ova

soulja when it comes to my flow its concreate,my crew is so deep we will creep and hit ya main squeeze a blam blam da damn nine yo girl is damn fine she damn mine on my damn time (ching ching) all black im ridin the fuckin beat like yo girl wen she be ridin the d yeah she a freak (uh) i hit the block u know it u got that kush bitch rollin we S.O.D. patrollin red and blue diamonds ya holdin.tell the hood that im better im iced out intellectual and my flow is incredible all the girls say im edible, looking sayin soulja you are a beast of course and i dip off in that porshe her p*ssy moist (uh)they love my voice my vocals are taking over its soulja b*tch i done told ya im hear dj woogie we here i told em if he disrespect my click i bust his sarahbellem nigga uz a snake lower than a snakes belly button soulja im the sh*t cuzin we are not no family blood u see me on the scene my money rainin fill the tub yes i took over that whatever he got i got it i got so much knowlege u better eat yo collate green im in between ya main squeeze the damn breeze in my damn v's its so heat i spit the damn heat that can light up alaska ask em condos wit the big ass plasma flashin one hit wounder i think not im laughin to the damn bank wit all dat guap and all dat stops when i block and pop up here listen up and pay attension s-beezys here and this my year now this my millenium i got em souljaboytellem thats the name of my college i sit back if a nigga disrespect den hes disesed i repeat rest in peace nobody is at the funeral aimin at whoever want it whoever want it they got it who ever got i dont want it from him ballin im hollin S.O.D full throttle we hit hit the race track runnin circles around u niggas we go straight back bugatti we gon take dat lay back and just be cool son u think u hot well come on let me cool ya flames off the riptas readin of the scritures everywhere i go its a million dolla picture scenery so damn high and my team is never obsolite we on point check the guidlines S.O.D Gang flip the script make em listen here im here hatas disapear choppas to the ear (like i said man S-Beezy... souja (x4)shout out to al my djs i see ya yup yup atl stand up chicago stand up yup miss. stand up yup yup drop top range rover grab her fuck her brains soulier.....,.

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