Taylor Swift is the Top Money Maker of 2...

Taylor Swift is the Top Money Maker of 2011

10 Mar 2012 11:29:22 UTC
Taylor Swift is the Top Money Maker of 2011 news For six years now, Billboard reveals (annually) a list of "Money Makers" in music, which ranks the artists on income from album sales, tours, singles, royalties and more. Reportedly, the tours are still a major source of income for music celebs. Taylor Swift is the 2011 No. 1 money maker with a total of $ 35.7 million earned. It is 17% more than the top money gainer of last year – Lady GaGa. What is more, this figure does not include Swift’s revenue from her fragrance "Wonderstruck" and from endorsement deals. Way to go, girl!

Here's the list of Billboard's Top Money-Makers Of 2011

1. Taylor Swift, $35.7 million
2. U2, $32.1 million
3. Kenny Chesney, $29.8 million
4. Lady Gaga, $25.3 million
5. Lil Wayne, $23.1 million
6. Bon Jovi, $19.8 million
7. Sade, $16.3 million
8. Celine Dion, $14.2 million
9. Jason Aldean, $13.4 million
10. Adele, $13 million

Our offering for you to listen is Taylor Swift's pop rock track The Story of Us Lyrics, which is the forth single from her third album "Speak Now.

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