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A Pimpin Affair

Nigga you know it's a pimpin affair when the cars endin
That's why you give ya hoes mostly like bartendas
We shop heavy bunch of hard spendas
I'm a giant in rap it's difficult for small forwards to guard centers
Don't make me hit you with the cali bro
I'm reigning with the record of a street legend and you ain't up my alimoe
My nigga bugging off that ten grass and hash
And cut a nigga shit quicker than grandmaster flash
Yo shit ain't gon neva pop like ten gold chains
That's why ya bitch blowin on me like nintendo games
I ain't suprised most these hoes been the same since school
Doin more bendin ova than the game of pool
Get ya own bread I swear dat I got some
My guns is like tattoos nigga even bow wows got one
You fuckin with a champion
If I can't do it it can't be done
Why you think we number one?

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