Chris Mills - Chenoa Lyrics


I got the keys in the car but I can't get it started
I got a map and a needle
Still can't find where your heart is
But it's getting late
And I'm feeling lit
And the city there's just too much of it
And too little of me to care
Unless I got lost somewhere along the way

Sitting in the dark two miles from an exit
I've got all the tools, just don't know how to fix it
Under the hood and you're behind the wheel
Still don't know if you're being for real
Well you just sit there and stare
Must have got somewhere along the way

And the phonecalls
They keep pouring in
Yeah your boss wants to know where the hell you've been
But there's nobody there
We must have got lost somewhere along the way
Along the way
Along the way
Along the way
Along the way

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