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Life Without Losing

My nails are chipped and my hair's in knots
And my jeans are ripped and I just can't stop
Drinking this wine
And I read this Bible and I search for signs
And little whisper that says you're alright
But sometimes...

I'd like to get through a day without crying
Night without asking why I can't stop thinking about you
Get through a song without thinking
I'm drowning, I'm sinking
Wondering how I'm ever gonna get through
But my feet just keep moving
And I know the truth is
Nobody get through life without losing

You said you love me but you went away
Now I convinced myself it will be okay
But I don't know
Sometimes I think that I'm doing better
Then the night shows up and it drags on forever
And the Devil tells me we'll never be together

*Repeat Chorus*

Someone they love, someone they need
Something they thought was meant to be
Still I just keep on trying to...

*Repeat Chorus*

Losing, losing, losing

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