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Survival Of The Sickest

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I'm the hand up Mona Lisa's dress,
I'm the smile on every criminal you'll ever acquit.
I'm the things you've done you'll never admit.
'Cause one hand is on the bible and the others in shit.

Right now, your face is in the crowd, I'm shouting out loud, the one you counted out of the game.
Oh wow, take a good look at me now, should have never had a doubt, is that you I hear screaming my name.

I'm a roller, I'm a rider, number one motherfuckin' survivor.
So move over, I'm the driver, and I'm high and I'm gonna keep getting higher, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm the one you thought that you could erase, but a predator that's faster than the food that he chased.
When you fall off the horse you brought to the race, I'll be the one who's flying by you kickin' shit in your face.

Ease down, and wrap your legs around me babe.
Move over baby, get on your knees. I'm gonna drive this little red love machine.

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