ウィズ・カリファ - ブラック・アンド・イエロー Lyrics


Yea, Uh huh, you know what it is
Black and yellow Yea, Uh huh, you know what it is
Black and yellow Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is
Everything I do, I do it big
Yeah, uh huh, screaming that`s nothing
What I pulled off the lot, that`s stunting
Repping my town when you see me you know everything
Black and yellow I put it down from the whip to my diamonds, I`m in
Black and yellow Big Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa
See on the West Coast I`m the big Chief-a
The grim reaper, maybe that, bring me back, yellow `lac
Steeler logo in the back
We banging out, that Taylor gang
Dub to your face baby till you say my name
Don`t get your clique served
So much black and yellow you would think I was from Pittsburgh
Encher, get yearn

I`ma bumble bee lit up like a Christmas tree
Drinking Hennessy black, I`m from Tennessee
Juicy J make their way on my own two
Quarter mill for the Phantom, bitch I own you
And that go for every G that I`m fucking with
Black and yellow bitches all around me, yeah I dig
In their purse, gotta get that reimburse
On the bills and that purple pint of syrup
And I stay Louie down to the socks
Range, and watch, weed and glock
Beans to pop
My pants swoll with them rubber band knots
I`m getting old but them rubber bands not nigga

You can catch me in my Lamborghini
(black and yellow, black and yellow)
I can rock it on the beat or a cappella, a cappella (uh ohh-oh uh boom)
Sideways in the turning lane (turning lane yaa...)
Fire flame I be burning man (burning man yaa...)
Teddy Pain about to hurt the game (game)
Took a break for a while I`ve been learning things (boom)
I learned how to tell a nigga fuck you then
(black and yellow, black and yellow)
All I do is fucking win (win)
I told you (told you)
And now I`m on
You thought it was over (over)
You thought I was gone (gone)
I`m going in, you don`t have to let me, have to let me
Back from the dead like I`m Machiavelli, Machiavelli (boom)

Black and yellow, all black and yellow
See me now they treating me like I`m somebody special
Smoking on that bud, know its me soon as they smell it
You can tell I`m the one who get it not the one who sell it
I grind everyday I`m balling I can`t help it
Niggas on that bullshit my pockets full of Celtics
And them niggas hating on us get our best wishes
In the club you ain`t even on the guest list bitch
Sound like you need to get your weight up
Go to sleep rich and count another million when I wake up
They wondering how I do my thang, two words, Taylor Gang
Remix g-shit
The champagnes poured nigga the weeds lit
Little mama clothes falling like the leaves in the fall
Ain`t worry about your friends so bring `em all

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