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.357 - Break It on Down

[LL Cool J]That's right y'all this is the LL Cool J partyMove it, move it, move it, get on the floor babyThat's right, don't try to front like your flyGET OUT THERE![LL Cool J]To rappers I'm a nightmare on Elm StreetHellafied hotter than heat, guess why the other's can't eat?Cause I'm a carnivore and I can eat much morethan a fat man after a Packer jamL.L.'s thicker than butter, well-known throw cutterWhen I'm involved all the amateurs stutterThere's scared and can't believe that their whole crewsAin't a rapper alive that can fill my shoesI'm dope on a rope virgins wanna elopeI do the hustle and the shuffle and the roper dopeCause I'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock townI gotta .357 and I break it on down[LL Cool J]Three hundred and fifty seven reasonswhy you gotta get your butt on the floor right nowWe ain't playin, we came here to get illIller than ill, LL youknowI'msayin?[LL Cool J]Just like Ali Baba and the 40 thevzSo nasty you don't know whether to stay or leaveMore fear then Even Bluebeard I serve primroseA picture of me is like one of Michaelango'sI don't play the banjo will you ever understand yoServin I mean the matter how old I go RamboCocks strong half a block longIlly ill fire starter hittin harder than King KongNot a battle axe not one of the millNot easily knocked out or easily killedCause I'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock townI gotta .357 and I break it on down[LL Cool J]A hundred and ninety five pounds punkMore bounce to the ounce and I say what countsKnowI'msayin?Now get yourself on the floorStop actin like a sissy[LL Cool J]Boy, I'm better than better is, badder than badder isI won't scare em or dare em I'll just splatter hisguts kick his butt while Bob is rockin the cutsWanna step in the ring with me you must be nutsNot isis in a crisis or Freddy when he's ready or chasin when he's chasin[.357 - Break It on Down lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]But filling when the scene I mean I'm icin and acinAmateurs who lack it can't hack it I attack it that's why I'm gonna crack itThen selling the soul of little kids who can't rollI told em, scold em, teach em and mold emget paid ten knots at a time and then I fold emI remember the blunt and I remember what told emI can, can't cause I'm down with E yet you have the audacityto try and mess with him and meHypersonic is weak and Supersonic is wackSneak around at the minute like a Siamese catPale hand (1, 2, 3) catch twenty-two I'm H-A-R-DI'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock townI gotta .357 and I break it on down[LL Cool J]Rock the beat now that can be arrangedYo baby you look fine spread emYo homeboy get up against the wall put this in your pocketWho is this?Move it, move it, move it[LL Cool J]I'm a nappy, sappy crappy imitator of whoIf I ever imitated it wouldn't be you, oooohYou don't know so many have died when the LL growl was amplifiedGet back better yet step back get backLike shaft and the Mack cause I'm mad and I'm blackI'm a perfect plan a good boyfriendI'm the reason rap rules and the country out Cool J-A-M-E-SFresh as a cliche but so is my forteDisco is out Rhythm and blues is old newsP's and Q's keep me in your shoesand you're dissin me because I'm young and I'm strongAnd I'm capable of makin a platinum LPWrong you was, you assumed I was all inBut boy is for ballin they'll never say I'm fallinCallin all cars for the brother in blackL-E-L the Mack back bone of this trackI'm force full of force to put you on your backMakin hit after hit while you search for a contractHotter than hot now watch how hot I can getLeavin rappers freze dried and skimmer's dimmer's wetI'm as hard as hard rock in the hard rock townI gotta .357 and I break it on down[LL Cool J]Now the LL posse is now handin out speed knotsto all those who don't want to get busyThat's right baby get your body on the floorMove it, move it.357 at point blank range ain't nothin strangeyou're havin a heart attack is at your backNow listen to me bring it, bring it on, on down, down, down, down, down, down

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