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Short Information
Stockport, at the time in Cheshire
Rock music|Rock, pop rock, art rock
Years Active
1972–83; 1991–95, 1999–present
UK Records, Mercury Records, Polydor
Associated Acts
Doctor Father
Godley & Creme
Wax (pop band)|Wax
Current Members
Graham Gouldman
Paul Burgess (musician)|Paul Burgess
Rick Fenn
Mick Wilson
Mike Stevens
Keith Hayman
Past Members
Eric Stewart
Kevin Godley
Lol Creme
Stuart Tosh
Tony O'Malley (musician)|Tony O'Malley
Duncan Mackay (musician)|Duncan Mackay
Vic Emerson
Jamie Lane
Gary Wallis
Steve Piggot
Alan Park
Geoff Dunn