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1692 (Glen Coe Massacre)

(copyright Nazareth, Tiflis Tunes, inc.-ascap)

Mist upon the hill can remember murder
Mist upon the hill that once flowed with blood
Helped to cover up an approaching army
Hid the killing lust in the eyes of men

Sitting by the fire was a sentry sleeping
Rolled up in their beds were children that play
Unsuspecting what was to fall upon them
None of them would see the dawn next day

Bloody were the blades that fell on children
Hate the blinding light tried to kill a name
The mountains only know all the souls that died there
Glen Coe from that day can recall the shame

The quiet of the night never gave them warning
The silence of the hills wouldn't let them know
They'd never rise again on a mist-filled morning
Never see the sunrise above Glen Coe

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