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4 Zones

[Verse 1]
Keep it a thoushand man
I'll show you what to do with them thousand grams
Sent from the kitchen as loud as a thousand pans
Soda sit the jacket, she smoke the shit out of cans
Sayin' young, you need a plan
Gave my lil' nigga some money, "Go buy some pots"
"Take my rent and don't fuck around, the stove is hot"
Nigga why should I be playin' with your hair, the stove or not
Fuck you mean I ain't answerin' my phone? Your numbers blocked
If the folks hit the door right now, my heart would stop
We in this bitch playin' possum right now, me and the blocks
Got a nigga rollin' a spliff right now, he round the block
'Bout to play Bruce Lee on these bitches, karate chop

I hope my hustle don't offend nobody
I can give a fuck what you think about me
You know I like to turn up at the spot
Act a fool with the money
G told me keep it low-key
Now I got the whole house smellin' like smoke
And errythin', coulda smoke a thousand new [?]
Really no difference between money and the time
Thin line do it all cause I can't be broke
And nigga there was over right now, you gotta get [?]
Nigga you a real one you gotta stay strong
Gave my house, my cars, my chain, my fame
Nigga give me my skel and my phone
All I need it 4 zones

[Verse 2]
Them gossip and they hatin', just a few determination
I go crazy with that money, I'm a fuckin' mental patient
See I started as a youngin', hustlin' for a club fit
Spend your last fifteen hun', you know that club shit
You fall off, you get back, can't give up, that shit whack
I hear licks on my cell, I have blow in my nails
I hear hoes in my jeans, I weigh bees on them beans
They had stamps on them things, I rode bread we got [?]
Got them birdies in the attic, countin' currency in the basement
Aunty said there's somethin' on her silverwear cause she can taste it
And I ain't goin' nowhere, you haters gotta face it
And if I lose it Lord I'm on nigga, I just need to basics


[Verse 3]
[?] ass hustler, yeah I'm tryna post up
Till I can come through in the land, with the dozer
Hit it with that H2O, then it froze up
Back when they was goin' for the two fo', had it sowed up
They pulled me with this nina in this strap it be a felony
Hit me with this nina on my lap, I'm livin' heavenly
Speed ballin' like this shit a sprint, but this a marathon
Phone ringin' all day and night, like a telecom
If you a real hustler you gon' get that, he ain't get it
If you a real hustler you know how to stay committed
Between me and you got tired of sleepin' with them roaches
And I been havin' flashback, that's why a nigga focus


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