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5 Hooks

Five hooks, man
Ayo, this shit only got like five hooks on it, dawg
All lyricism, hoeI was like, "Yo, I`m pickin` up that pen, I`m goin` fuckin` crazy"
I don`t give a shit, dawg
Yo, we finna, ayo, ayo, fuck Raquel though, fuck that bitch

It`s what you all been waitin` for, ain`t it?
This No Pressure shit kinda got us reacquainted
I`m happy you could join me in this universe I painted
Such a beautiful feeling, I really can`t explain it
I hit the stage and like a thousand bitches fainted (Nigga, you ain`t shit)
Damn, that boy, he back at it again
Droppin` bars when I pick up the pen, so let`s begin
No I.D. my mentor, but it`s time for the story`s end, yeah

Ayy, I`m tryna do shit different now (Woo)
I love this BPM, but this a different style (Woo)
I never been this happy before, this a different smile
Hey, yeah, this that barbecue music
Life is a blessing and a curse depending how you use it
Some days I`m happy, some days I`m fucked up
Some days I tell the voice in my head to shut the fuck up

Motivated by paper and pussy, always been a passion
Whippin` that Chevrolet Impala, my speakers blastin`
Hungry like I`m fastin`, who the illest? Just ask `em
Louis Vuitton rhyme, relevantly old-fashioned
Like we (Like we), like we always do it this time, homie

I go for my homie, I gots to shine, homie
All I do is grind, homie, all I do is rhyme
I provide for mine, homie, uh, uh
Y`all know me (Yeah, yeah, y`all know me, yeah)
I started with just a dollar and a dream
Like Jermaine in `09, know what I mean?

Fresh on the scene like a first take
I dropped my first tape then felt the earth shake
But let`s accelerate
Dropped the second tape, 2011, and now we elevate
Def Jam wanna sign me, it`s time to celebrate
But little did I know, I had so much further to go

Let`s take a trip down memory lane
Logic arrived and he fucked up the game, simple and plain
Never scared to do it different, no two albums sound the same
I got tracks with Wu Tang and 2 Chainz, Killer Mike and Gucci Mane
Rap shit, trap shit, you know I do it with no shame
Spit the illest yoga flame, always go against the grain

I was fly before the fame, before I could afford a plane
Touch down like Notre Dame to get as high as my strain
2014 release day, I need morphine
Def Jam undershipped me, now the CD on the rack
RattPack had to ask `em to unbox it in the back
What the fuck is that? Honestly, it sound like a fable
Fast forward, 2020, I`m the face of the label and I am

Who gives a fuck about the leak when you got the well?
Watch me excel, propel, then ghost the fuck out like Dave Chappelle
You the illest, pray tell
I`m like God before Lucifer fell, I raised hell

Had bars when I was broke `cause I couldn`t raise bail
But now my bars gold `cause I`m Wall Street, broker
Money like I sell coca, livin` La Vida Loca, shit
That ain`t a line just to flex, just to let you know you next
If you put your mind to it, you can do it
Trust me `cause I been through it, now get to it, ain`t nothin` to it

Actually living your life
Is exponentially different than just being alive

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