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5 on it Freestyle

Project Baby, I am him
Lil Kodak
Well I got 5

I put 5 on it, put my life on the line on it
Watch this, watch how I put my time on it
See, I'm that lil' nigga from the Sandlot
Blood in and out, like a tampon
Hood niggas forget the goal is to make it out
I been here forever, I'm tired of this dang spot
I was built to still grind when the rain drop
I still see them dark skies when the rain stop
And I was on the block 'till the daylight
Hit the [?] off his whip
Now I'm on the same bike
It's Lil Black on a stroll, all this damn white
Mosquitos, they eat me up, I start a campfire
I was 13, I met Ray
I was rackin' up the gold, I was seein' him every day
I was gettin' real greedy, now I'm shackled in them chains
Knew I had to pay the price, but I ain't really want to pay
What I'm doin' wasn't right but I ain't really want to pray
'Cuz I get down and close my eyes and I ain't be knowing what to say
Told me, "Stay in school", I'm not confused that just ain't what I wanted
I'd rather jump on all these beats, look what I do on 'em
First I cut back 3 and put 2 on it
Dj [?] Turned to murder, made the news on 'em
I was jammed, not knowin' what he gon' do
Week later, he in my room, I feel like putting my blues to him
Lil Dj was always my lil goon, but he told me that it's my fault
'Cuz I taught the rules to him
He had my pistol, dang, ain't know he was gon' shoot sum
Locked down, I had niggas giving they food to him
See, I put 'bout 5 on it, but I really had 10
Now I got 5 more
Jackboy wrote me, said he gon' be out shortly
Wrote me again, sayin' he got 9 more
Yeah, I be tryin' to catch my dreams with the lights on
Niggas schemin', so I ain't sleepin' with my eyes closed
Nigga I'm livin', what I live for I die for
I could walk around my projects blindfolded
Now I'm in the stolo, me and Lil Sodo
I had 5, I put 1 on it now I got 4 more
I'm that type of youngin', I be runnin' with the pistol
I be with the older niggas, I ain't runnin' with no Jits
See, they be dead broke, they be lookin' for a fix
While they was running 'round in a ditch, I was runnin' off with the sticks
I was at CL, 8th grade, me and PL
E Pimp told me pass him half a molly, on the DL
I was looking for a sign, I couldn't really see well
Then I'm lookin' for a plug, numbers low, retail
Had to switch my grind, 'cuz these crackers know my detail
Life's a beach
Pistol to yo' ear like a seashell
They ain't really know I was finessin'
Puttin' 4 on it
I was on codine, on that [?]
Movin' slow on it
Money comin', bustin' dick hard, I got yo' ho on it
You givin' me rides, and you ain't know I got my pistol on me
All my niggas criss cross, cross crissin' on me
Switchin' on me, lost and found, they went missin' on me
Was on my team, substitutin', went to pitchin' on me
But no, I ain't trippin' homie
I'm gone be the one, I knew that since I was 'bout 1
They think all my life I'm gon' be runnin' with the pump
Been focused on music, but don't think I won't hit you up, funny
Crack yo' egg, top yolky like Humpty Dumpy
I used to re-up on the ounce and sit right on the ugly
Jumpin' in cars, just wait for you to leave yo' shit runnin'
Hit all day, poppin' chains, crackers lookin' for me
Project Baby, robbin', y'all was watchin' Teletubbies
Fuck it, I'ma put the whole fuckin' 5 on it
Maybach need to come and let me sign on it
Hit the game and bring a whole 'nother sound on it
Rock yo' clothing line and being a whole 'nother style on it
I'm on a whole 'nother vibe homie, and I ain't lyin' homie
First I cut back 1 and I put the whole 5 on it

Project Baby, man I told y'all I was gonna do it

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