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6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle)

Papoose, Pap-poose
I'm the greatest ever, cake, and hella
Chase endeavors, wave Berettas
Makin' fellas, face dilemmas, bake 'em down in Satan's cellar
Man, I get it shakin' with a rapper, bet you they surrender
Stomp 'em with the male UGG boots, you could taste the leather
Let the dice shake with tremors, bet you I can trey, and better
Head crack, acin', never
Uh, pay the cheddar
Master what you ain't remember, champion like a Lakers member
Colder than a lae December, hit the bank and shanked the teller
Your girl been chasin' niggas, said she need a baby-sitter
Sendin' me them naked pictures, return straight to sender
Comin' with a stray vendetta, you're about as fake as pleather
Bangin' since I played with Sega, eatin' since the Reagan-era
Man, I'm off the wall like Street Fighter, play with Vega
Got the nickel-plate, whatever
You's a bird, flame your feathers
I'm the crime rate director, better find their protector
Run them over on a track, should've shined their reflectors
I'm a wise, brave inventor, Brooklyn mind-state projector
Quick to vibrate your sector, make them migrate respectors
Ever violate the Mecca, of the rhyme, stage professor
I'll apply, and place the pressure, then annihilate your lecture
We the tri-state perfecters, with some high-rate investors
While them guys pay for pleasure, we arrive, take your treasure
Mush your pie-faced heifer, push her off a skyscraper, tell her
You should try and pray for better, like that guy Mason Betha
I'm the Friday collector, redefine the face of terror
Bring the helicopters out, make them fly their propellers
Life is like a game of chess; why you guys playing checkers
Hesitate to smoke a dutch, if the kind ain't vanilla
Hustlin', bustlin', strugglin', jugglin'
Doublin', he's blunderin', mumblin', fumblin'
Suckers's stutterin'
The raucous I brung you is tough as a puzzle, it's puzzlin'
Bustin' your bubble, you stuck in a huddle, they huddlin'
He rough, and he mellow, a thug; or he thorough, they wonderin'
Come to the borough, with such a rebuttal, I muzzle 'em
Catch you on 14th and Franklin, I touch you, and tuck it in
Come off the shuttle, and run through the tunnel, I'm troublesome
Cut you, your blood at the puddle, so sudden, it's flutterin'
The front of your mug, is so plugged with a slug, it's discolorin'
This grave is for you, I dug with a shovel, then shoved him in
Death has become you, your sole is above you, it's hoverin'
Blood on my Chuckers, he buckled, I'm chucklin'
I'm humble revenge, I love you, he stumbled, I punished him
Your bones could tumble, I'm thunderous
Since you say you want to rumble in the jungle, the jungle could fuckin' rumble then

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