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88 HipHop Radio Freestyle (1998)

I dunno how I'mma do this
Check it, check it out, uh
Check it out, check it, yo
Check it

[Verse 1: Big L]
Yo, while we hold gats you hold knives
When you sold eighths, [?], we sold pies [?]
When you rolled bites, we drove 5's
There's no comparison, son, just embarrassin'
I'm running with some of the baddest men in the whole New York
We hold the fort, while you crab cats is holdin'
Player hatin', pussy-stolen whips
We at the dice game rollin' trips
Out of town, throwin' bricks, takin' over
Cooking up coke with baking soda
I buy hot jewels and ice it down
While you go to the jewelry store with short dough, tryin' to bring the prices down
You better spread with them 30 dollar kicks on
Or get ripped on, knocked out cold and pissed on
L is a heavy weight, it was steady paper
You the type to go to jail for a petty caper
Then come home on good behavior
Talkin' about you "no longer hard now cause you a man of God now,"
Yo, it's amazin', L is blazin', always been
Before I put the braids in, I just to let the waves spin
What you be sayin' don't impress me at all
And them chicks you be datin' don't be sexy at all
Word life, everything that I recite stand out
Go ahead and front, so I can try this right hand out
I'll cross your jaw, L never lost a war
No respect for them cowards who enforce the law
You got somethin' to say? Cough it out
Cause cats be wantin' beef, but when you pull out the heat, they ready to talk it out
What is there to talk about? You was just frontin'
Now it ain't nothin', ain't that somethin'?
I should start busting anyway, and put one of you punks in the ground
Y'all cats be killin' me with y'all faces round jumping around
Like you scarin' L, not even, word
Cause I'mma be a thug until I stop breathing
Plus I'm runnin' with a smooth crew that'll shoot at you
You wanna knuckle up then? We can do that too

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