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A Pertect Light

Beyond the metaphysical spectrethere was perfect lightOnly light, there was no hint of darknessNor was this moment ever in the pastNor could it ever be. Outside timeIt simply was. Perfect. Eternal. PureExistenceThe Universe spun, and so did usNot as beings but as monads in a reverieIn gravity's grip, no circle was pureNo being was being, yet by being we wereEternal, forever an instant of light's electricityWe were stars, sea seed, galaxies, quarksNano things shinning on some starlitFor eons or seconds we were exactly the sameExistence's essence could be nothing than lessAll were rapidly burning through nothingnessAll wereThe same wereeternally around you, within meWas only light[Solo: Broberg]
Aurora A Pertect Light

Date Added: 2007-12-31
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