Memphis Bleek - Aint Worried About Nothing Lyrics

Aint Worried About Nothing

Nigga I ain't worried bout nothing, nothing
All this beefing bout nothing
Niggas see me and say what's up
Hold on, thought you niggas was thugging
I got killers in my team, I just pass and they gonn shoot

When you see them dreads like d rose,
Better think what's under that suit
Ha, I ain't worried bout nothing
It's noth 2 or 3 of them guns in
You will catch all 48 of them shots
Idea niggas think I'm fronting
Hunned bottles, hunned bitches,
Yeah nigga I'm still in the trenches
I pop that Bentley in front of my building
And post right there on them benches
I ain't never been scared nigga, couple niggas done bail on me
Ever since my first gun, I been out here fully prepared homie
And I bought that rock back, at the screens how I brought rock back
With that raw coke, pinchin soda
That's how I bought that rock back
Then I saw my jeweler, dropped him off some mula
Told him make that new piece, that all represent, true love
I ain't worried bout nothing, never been worried bout nothing
Never ran, never will, Brownsville shout out to all my cousins
I been riding round through bethesda, crown heights and flat bush
2 kilos on my neck with 10 blunts of that good kush.

Date Added: 2013-05-21
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