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All Black Everything

Black cars black cars im so legendary
Black beautiful girls put their numbers in my blackberry
All black fellings bro everything's legit
All black everything I'm feelin like an eclipse

Soulja boy tellem yeah that's my name
All black diamonds in my lamborghini chain
My chain look like lightning my beats sound like thunder
Black and white mix man I'm feelin like Obama

All black eveything man i tried to warn'em
check out my grill, george foreman
real talk im ahead of my time man
all black everything feelin like a blind man
no where near my prime no optimus
you can keep tryin but it aint no stoppin us
my lyrics coherint with my altitude
hustle mentallity its umental casulaties

Aw man im swagged up black on black jewlery when i hop out the car
music is blastin and cameras is flashing and people be screamin because im a star

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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