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All Night Long

(Pop a bottle)
Ooh, you know how to love me, yeah
When me make love tonight
And I need you so bad, baby

[Verse 1]
Yo, what the fuck going on 'round here?
That's what I'm saying to you when I hit it from the rear
Whodini in the sack, make a nigga disappear
Trade the Kelly bag for some of that jelly ass
[?] the dick is so rare
What she really want is my time and a teddy bear
Niggas talk slick, but the money don't care
You over there hating, but your bitch right here
I make her ass Dougie and bounce like a dune buggy
Stretching her panties out 'til they sagging like Huggies
The more I hurt her the more she seem to love me
Nights like these are lovely, it's ugly


[Verse 2]
Dominican cigars and some Grand Marnier
My mouth taste nasty, kiss me anyway
If that's too sweet Cognac is on the way
We be fucking before we leave the runway
Cool J, boss shit, niggas thought I lost it
That's a motherfucking lie, look I'mma [?]
Made the measure, custom Armani shit
Real money, stop fucking with them counterfeits
Take your clothes off, let's have a pose off
Put it in deep, make it curl your toes off
Set you on fire then it's time to hose on
Roll up some loud and doze off, I goes off


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