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Allan Slaight Award Thank You Speech

Thank you

It's a little overwhelming right now
I'd like to thank the Allan Slaight family of course, for the recognition

La Mar Taylor my best friend, I convinced him to drop out of High School with me
Now he's my creative director and I hope there's no regrets at this point

Cash and Sal my managers, who have been with me at my darkest times
And hopefully at my brightest, so thank you guys, I really appreciate it

Drop Life, hardest working man I know, thank you
He does all my branding, so make som noise for Drop Life
Thank you appreciate it

I'd like to thank Hyghly Alleyne, he's not here right now
But he inspired me and opened my eyes to the downtown life
Growing up in Scarborough with my mom
Who I put through hell, but she's my biggest inspiration
Thank you mom, appreciate it

Of course I'd like to think Doc McKinney and Illangelo
who helped bring my vision to life musically
Trilogy, such an important album to me
and I feel like I would not be here without them
I wouldn't be holding this without them,
So thank you very much, appreciate that

Of course, uhm..
DaHeala, Danny Boy, Belly
For bringing Kiss Land to life
so thank you guys
Appreciate that

I wanna thank, of course
Randy Lennox, who has supported me from day one
I remember walking into his office
And he just believed in me right away
So thank you Randy Lennox, of course

And I wanna thank Avery, [?], Charlie Walk, Puff, Rick Rubin for
... That was amazing, I don't what to say to that
Thank you Rick Rubin, appreciate it
Florence, Wiz, everybody who was apart of that video

And I wanna thank for my fans who been with me from day one..
XO 'Till We OD, so I love you guys very much
I wouldn't be here without you
and I think it's gonna be a long term relationship between me and you

And of course, I wanna thank the city of Toronto
For the endless inspiration
I'm gonna make you proud, hopefully, thank you

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