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American Superstar

[Lil Wayne]Look at me bitchLook at me bitchLook at me bitchAmerican superstar..[Flo-Rida]I got guns for the snitchesRoses for the bitchesHop up out the whippaparazzi takin pictures[Lil Wayne]I got guns for the snitchesAnd roses for the bitchesHoppin out the whippaparazzi takin picturesx2Heavy metal when i'm ballin?got an appetite for destructionyou can call me axel ask me bout what a n##### done doneask me bout what a n##### do will?ask me bout where the bricks come fromthat's what a snitch n##### do that telli don't want nothin to do with that bill? if it's selected i'm bringin them shellsonly position for me is a playerthat's right playa better get it right playa...emergency...i'm blowin my treescome on my nerve, no regular meno somebody shorty with me on my kneesi'm ready if it's a problemshe sexy flo-rida hollacome test me get that .. get messy just like a mobstermy broads deserve lobster[American Superstar lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]...deserve choppasyou serve like jimmy hopperamerican showstopper[chorus]x2[Lil Wayne]Young moolah babyI got money on money on money on moneyon top of more money on top of my shit like flies open that ferrari f 5 like eyes up and down ocean drivejumpin up out that maybach with a bitch way back to tease them thighsshe got a tattoo on her booty and it say 305DJ Khaled say it's a movie now don't forget your lines,Cause you dont want me to edit before we roll the creditsbitch give me my crediti'm so energetici'm f**kin like a rabbit smokin on lettucewhatever i want i get iti meant it if i said itand i say i keep it pumpin i aint talkin unlettedif you want it come get itcause boy i'm readyi get that fast fetty they should call me tom pettygot two bitches one peanut butter one jellyi'm a american gangster already [chorus]x2[Lil Wayne]I'm an american superstaryeahhhh.I'm an american superstaryeahhh.baby I'm an american superstarhahaha

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