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(Prod. by ROME)

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
So many possible things I can say and get away with
The same shit's recorded, exported, by all you lame kids
ASF UP, oh, ASF UP, oh
I can say that over and over and it would bump bro
Never be bunk tho
Dropped out but don't plan on ever going broke so
Here's to the music and the kids that will use it
Recordin', reportin' live from the city of Houston
Where the OG's screw it
DODI MOB is a movement
Got a fuckin' army unit
Got some goons who got some oozies who ain't afraid to use them
So, if you mess around, fuck around, get knocked down
Get locked out, like lock out
You hot now?
Sit down
Ain't bout that
Ain't really ever ever tryna hear that
Kinda weird at rap
Call it weirdo rap, abstract, abnormal, and all that, but
Made a classic, too
I'm passing through, with an ease
Classes I ain't pass yet, my momma oh so mad at me
Rather be with Raleigh, rolling up the finest tree
Strokin' on some fucking keys
Oh wait, oh wait, no homo please
This that shit you prolly do not wanna hear, but need to hear
No diamonds in my hear, keep yo' vision clear
Tunnel though, twenty-twenty
16 writing 16s that are better than niggas who 20
Name a nigga fuckin' with me
And my melodies hot
You see the love that he got
You hear the tracks that he drop
I talk in 3 p a lot
I jam to 3 Peat a lot
None of this shit makes sense but you nod ya' head like, 'got damn he hot'
Why the fuck would he stop?
Gotta be a fool, to drop up outta school
Ain't even gotta job, don't even deliver food, but
Now a days everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
But nothin' comes out when they move they lips it's just a bunch of gibberish
And they move they mouth like they forgot about

[Verse 2: Dom Mclennon]
1 time for your mind
2 times for your spirit
3 times for the dreamers
Who only have goals with the chance to scare em
Hoping that isn't only I
But I feel its how I get by
If I don't aim high
Then I can't touch skies
So I'm keeping the clouds level with my brow
Big city mindstate coming from a small town
Never had a bark so I muzzle others down
Foot on the throttle never gonna stop now
I'm the juggernaut bitch running straight for the crown
Come stop me
I'm a boutique; other niggas? Swap meets
Naturally I'm unique, they copy
We accurate, competitors? Sloppy
Music is what we embody
And RIP to S Dot
A lot of people miss you
But this place of ours will succeed
I gurantee it's no issue
Cock a pen back like a pistol
Let it off upon the page
Our future looks so crystal
They can't ever stop this wave

[Bridge - Kevin Abstract]
Look to the sky for advice young boy

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