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Another Freestyle 500k Part 2

i falled up in the club
all the hoes know they love me s.o.d money game fresh hitting that dougie; dnt give a fuck man my asz hurts
i got 20 thousand waight for my t-shirt; i dnt give a fuck soulja boy damm king all up on the theam man s.o.d chain bling; omg he so bad make yo asz theem u cant see me so dnt damm blink;
i dnt give a fuck im fresh wat chu damm think; i think ure asz dri u gone damm see
soo soo soo clean wen i hit the theem' s.o.d money game shirt nd sum blue jeans; omg soulja boy u merking the damm b; get my licks and nock yo asz off ure damm feet; falled up in the club all the hoes show me love; talking shyte outside u gone get ure asz dro; falled up in the club wussup s.o.d ma-nigga; falled up in the club straight pulling the damm triger; body cocking body racking on ure damm shirt; soulja boy tell em fuck around and get ure asz hurt; lay'em in the dirt kick feet; soulja boy tell'em who the fuck is he; im a boss im a king im a fuckin throw; soulja boy tell'em whisper in ure damm hoe; riding through black mas with no tag; in the low a king chevy and aint got no gas; omg he went hard he got no mask; put ure shades off and he got laid off in the club the hole screaming soulja boy; we dnt give a fuck we riding on a toyota; i been riding bt all u hoes stil in love tho; u can hate me bt u gone love the fucking floor; all white like im cooking some fucking dope; i-rings clean like i wash them with fucking soap; omg he freshed so hard im out the damm chain; i aint even got it say u kno my damm name; soulja boy tell'em leave his asz dead mourt; wat it is aint rabbits in the back seat pull a gun and have u running like a track meet; bitch nigga dnt try to attack me; i aint got no money so nigga dnt ask me..!

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