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Anti Love Song (Parts 1 and 2)

[Part 1]

This is not just another song about when somebody leaves
I'm not gonna start banging on about not being able to breathe without you
'Cause we don't inhale love
And if we did then I'd be asthmatic or at least allergic to dust

I'm not gonna sing about your suitcase or your taxi outside
'Cause every mug in a coffee shop has sung it eight hundred times
And I won't feed you these recycled lines
But I'll miss you

I'm not gonna sit up through long lonely nights
Crying into ice cream and smelling your tights
'Cause you're crap at keeping in touch yeah I know what you're like
But I'll miss you

No it's not like in the movies when somebody leaves
I'm not gonna make a mad dash to the airport and get down on my knees
'Cause they're much more security conscious since 9/11
And I wouldn't even make it to the gate without a valid ticket and that would just be a massive waste of money

And I'm not gonna talk about some never-ending love
One that seas can't [?] and words can't describe the stuff dreams are made of
'Cause we're both still young
And we've gotta do loads more stuff but I'll miss you

I won't walk down to the sea-front with my iPod on
Looking all grumpy kicking pebbles along
'Cause this ain't Titanic
And I fucking hate Celine Dion but I'll miss you

[Part 2]

Sitting in an Irish bar in the middle of Barcelona
The Guinness is disgusting I have another bottle of Corona
I've come all this way but I still don't think that I've shown her
Exactly what she's done to my heart

Dutch courage, Dutch courage, until I feel like Jack Bauer
But if it works so well why isn't Holland a superpower?
I see nothing brave in getting drunk just to sour
The sweetness of a broken heart

I've drunk so much coffee my eyes have started to twitch
And eaten so much tapas that it's made me feel sick
She's got a new Spanish boyfriend
Probably with a massive dictionary in English
So they understand each other better

You see I spent all my money to feel anything but regret
Spent two days in Catalonia that I would sooner forget
And I've cried at the airport into a stale jamón baguette
It's not my idea of a good time

You know everybody's told me at least I've done all I can do
It makes me feel no better 'cause I don't believe it's true
I could take a sniper rifle onto her Spanish boyfriend through

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