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[Hook x2]
Fuck a nigga, that goes to anybody
Fuck a ho, these hoes anybody
I'll up that strap on anybody
I'm getting bread, you can ask anybody

[Verse 1]
Grab a bitch by the neck
Say bitch can ya suck a dick
Niggas talk behind my back
I can get you for a cheque
If I don't fuck with you niggas, that ain't never gonna change
I'm a trill OG, don't associate with no lames
I got drugs all in my system, put slugs all in yo frame
Respect this or get a death wish, or don't give a fuck about fame
Cuz I started watching niggas get paper
I came up and I turned the tables
See my money is like now and laters
I'm getting paid right now and later
I blow more grass than a gardener
Save the bullshit for a farmer
I woke up and bought a Fisker, call that good karma

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Swimming in dough, drowning in ounce
I take yo ho, drive around in my Benz
Its a 4 door, so she brung her friends
3am now I'm swimming it in
You a bitch and you know it, that's why you hate on my grind
And you know I'm winning and you can't deny
Say you not eating my nigga, you on a no money diet
You wan't a problem take mine, I'll gun you down if you try
Bulletproof vests, we dressing for war cuz we know whats next
Better be strapped, if ya don't react, put a bulls eye down on yo hat
You can die in yo tracks, see if yo homeboy got yo back
Niggas these choppas full and these bullets hungry and you look just like a snack

[Hook x2]

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