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Are You?

[Hook: Chip]
Are you really really from the ends?
Are you really really from the ends?
Are you really really from the ends?
I see too many boydem wanna pretend
Shout out to everyone that grew here
Everyone who went school here
Tryn'a get it in with your crew here
Stack that money for the new year
See I'm really really from the ends
Real niggas vouch for me, I don't need to pretend

[Verse 1: Frisco]
Sometimes I find it hard to sleep at night, thinking about all the dirt that I've done
Thinking about all the hearts that I've broke, the girls that I've caught in a web that I've spun
I smoke weed 'til my head feels numb, I ain't dumb, I know that - this can't be good for me
But if I think back to bars I wrote when I was lean, I've gotta say the weed's been good to me
Same niggas that I came up with, they're the same niggas that are still around me today
And I can walk any road on my ends, cause to most man, I'm still the same Deshane
It gets nasty, pain, rage, anytime I think of the boydem killing off Mark, I just wanna draw for the 12-gauge
For them man there, I've got serious hate
I used to get told I should smile more, now my gold tooth shines in pictures
I came a long way from a little nigga on the grind that used to hide from pictures
I'm not a bitch cause I've been consistent, and it's blatant, so when man call me underrated I laugh cause that's an understatement, flow's been amazing
Take time -- if you're out there bitching
R.I.P. Duggan, I miss him
I ain't come here to merk nobody but, I ain't looking leave as a victim
I heard them man are making a plot for me, try know, none of that's stopping me (never)
Cause the niggas I roll with are on this, and they will make couple man drop for me

[Hook: Chip]

[Verse 2: Frisco]
I was born with a gift, I'mma use it
So 'course I'mma earn from music (truss)
I would've been out doing something that I weren't meant to be doing if it weren't for music
Feds sight me, and don't like me, to them I'm just an angry IC3
Government rob man, feds wanna kill man, why would I trust IPCC?
It's real life, no ITV
If you wanna try be me, I tell man straight, best thing you try be free
Stay original and hold on to your ID (real shit)
I used to think that I weren't good enough
Now man are living the dream with a team, no hotel's too good for us
We're all over the net fam, look for us
Addicted to the London nightlife, taxicabs, night lights
I told myself I ain't gonna stop 'til I see Boy Better Know in bright lights
So I ease off the raving, get back to the beat making
I might need some inspiration
Fuck it, I'm back out raving
Oh what a cycle (ha)
BBK, and that's final
Them man are sweet like trifle, us man are standing tall like the Eiffel
And I can hear a couple haters talking, you've been a big hater from morning
But it's cool cause you can always get rubbed out just like a pencil drawing (skyy)
I put my all in, yes

[Hook: Chip]

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