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Bag of Money Remix

[Trey Songz]

My bitch bad, my bitch cold
Young bitch, wit an old soul
Lesson that she learned cause momma showed her
Probably should of hit it when her momma throwed it
My old bitch, but she look young
Smart bitch, but she look dumb
And yo bitch bored, but she look fun
My white bitch my black one
Gold Chains and my platinum
My skinny girl, lil bitty waist wit her pretty face and that fat one
Slow Songz, Fuck Songz
My Soul Songz and my Club Songz
Yuup Songz, Whats Up Songz
Ya'll niggas neva gone touch Songz
Bet cha baby momma wanna fuck Songz
You seen dat, she feign dat, Giuseppe the Celine bag
Addicted to my money and she never go to rehab
It’s full of hundreds if you look up in the bag (up in the bag)
Like damn, my bitch bad,bad!!

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